Farmer Profile: Harry Hutchinson


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Harry and Mary Hutchinson have been tenants at Uldale since 1983 when they arrived with two young children. The grazing land, including around 450 acres of inbye land, as well as rights on the common, is rough, and frequently wet. The farm is at approximately 1000 feet above sea level, and is, by many standards, a tough place to live, but the Hutchinsons love it. Harry is a keen breeder of pure Swaledales and has around 700 breeding ewes. Most of them lamb outside, with only those needing extra care coming in.

Since arriving they have improved the flock of Swaledales they inherited, and but reduced numbers in line with current Stewardship Schemes, and enjoy farming as traditionally, and as environmentally, as possible. In their three decades at Uldale, The Hutchinsons have taken on another four, much smaller farms in the area which became vacant and were no longer viable, if farmed on their own. But now they are preparing to move from Uldale and downsize to a smaller house nearby, with just 150 acres for some sheep. The farm will pass on to a new tenant, if one comes forward to take on the challenge..

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